McChord Spouses Club
Our mission is threefold:

*To promote charitable, social and educational activities

*To extend welfare support for military members, their families, and the community

*To provide opportunities for giving back to the military community and promote the abilities of its spouses

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The McChord Spouses Club
The McChord Officers' Spouses Club (OSC) and Enlisted Spouses Club (ESC) officially joined forces in 2013. Now known simply as the McChord Spouses Club (MSC), the group is open to spouses of all ranks. Though geared primarily for Air Force spouses, the club also welcomes spouses from other services. Men as well as women are invited to join.

To raise money, club members pay annual dues ($25 to $35, depending on rank), fundraise at social events, and run the McChord Thrift Shop. Fundraising efforts will award more than $35,000 in scholarships in 2015 to 13 Air Force family members living in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area. Eligible applicants - Air Force active-duty spouses, children, retirees, and surviving family members - are evaluated for the annual scholarship based on volunteer work, awards, employment, an essay, and letters of recommendation. An outside volunteer panel determines scholarship winners.

Not only does the McChord Spouses Club help Air Force family members further their educational goals through its scholarship program, the McChord Spouses Club gives back by helping military and local organizations through its welfare fund. More than $56,000 in welfare requests to members of the Air Force and local community were awarded in 2015. Applicants included not only military units, but also local schools and Junior ROTC groups.

In addition to its work raising money, helping Air Force families and assisting members of the community, the club is also a great place to make new friends and connections. Members get together each month for a social event - either in the afternoon or the evening - and each event features a theme. In February, for instance, members celebrated "wine and cheese night," at the McChord Collocated Club.

If you are new to the community, or have been here for years and are looking for a new, fun way to make friends and help Air Force families, give the McChord Spouses Club a try. The club is actively seeking new members as well as board members. For more information about the club as well as the latest on upcoming events, visit and like the club's Facebook page at or email